What Are Your Rights When Buying Double Glazing?

Have you ever purchased double glazing from an installer who didn’t do an excellent job?

We’ve heard many horror stories from homeowners where windows weren’t set up effectively, jobs were just half-completed and in many cases, people scamming homeowners out of money.

We’re delighted to state that we don’t find out about these scary stories that much anymore as with double glazing bodies such as CERTASS, FENSA and DGCOS, property owners are protected now more than ever when they participate in an agreement to have home enhancements made in their homes.

What are your rights if you do desire to complain or if you’ve had a change of mind and would like to cancel your double glazing agreement?

Well in this short article, we’ll be looking at a few of the most popular questions around the subject:

  • How do I grumble about double glazing?
  • Exists an ombudsman for double glazing?
  • Can you cancel a double glazing contract?
  • How do I grumble about double glazing?

First things first, if you’re in a scenario to complain about the work you’ve received from a double glazing installer, we would extremely advise speaking with the company initially to see if you can pertain to an arrangement whether that’s a refund, a partial refund, or an agreement that both parties are happy with.

Most double glazing companies these days are backed by governing bodies such as FENSA and CERTASS and are obliged to follow specific regulations and procedures.

So it’s certainly worth consulting with the business straight, to come to a solution.

If you’re unable to speak to the double glazing installer themselves, you may wish to contact FENSA, CERTASS or anybody else who they might be recognised by, who may have the ability to assist you further with your complaint.

This must only be taken even more in specific circumstances.

  • Ask yourself, are you truly unhappy with the work that has been done on your house?
  • Was the service genuinely poor?
  • Exists a reasonably easy fix to what the issue may be?
  • You must compose an account of what has taken place, what you’re dissatisfied with, what the complaint is and what your desired result would be. By doing so, you have a concept of what you want by grumbling to either the business or a double glazing governing body.

Exists an ombudsman for double glazing?
The Double Glazing Ombudsman Service is a governing body that exists to assist property owners with any issues they’ve had with their double glazing services.

They act as a middle-man to fix any problems either celebration (typically the house owner) might have.

They use an entirely totally free service and function as a neutral member between the company and the property owner. And is done so without the need of going to court as a lot of issues can be fixed without the requirement of taking it even more.

Nevertheless, if you’re at this stage then it’s best you have a look at their website for more information and what you need to do to raise a grievance to an ombudsman to help you discover a solution.

Can you cancel a double glazing agreement?
Normally as soon as offered a contract which has actually been signed by yourself and an agent of the double glazing business, that contract should stand and any breach of that agreement could be taken even more either to a governing body or an ombudsman service.

This is why it’s extremely important to put in the time to check out the contract you’ll be signing.

If the terms and conditions are different, you need to request these from the double glazing company before signing any files.

More often than not however, if you aren’t happy with the work performed in your home, you want to make a complaint or you wish to disagree with a term or condition set out in your contract, then, unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do as you’re legally bound to honour that agreement and the declarations made in it.

However, there are sometimes exceptions to the rules, so whilst they may state something in black and white that you have signed, it depends upon how unclear they’re being and whether it’s something that can be enforced or not.

Our best advice at this stage would either be to look for legal advice or to call the Double Glazing Ombudsman service to see if there is anything that can be done, depending upon what the problem is.

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