Why I Love to Write Motivational/ Inspirational Posts

I feel that every person alive is on their own journey, and none of us know exactly where we are going or why. Like any epic journey, we face trials and tribulations, and sometimes the most difficult thing is to keep moving forwards. During the times when we are stuck in emotional quick sand or life plants a mountain the size of Everest in front of us, we could all use a little encouragement, inspiration, motivation and support. I know there are times when I need it, and I’m sure that there are times that my readers need it as well. This is why I love to write motivational and inspirational posts.

I have had times where I have felt that I was caught in a rut. Sometimes it was writers block, sometimes it was a complicated or even toxic relationship, or just life in general… and there has always been something that had inspired me to move out of it (not that it is ever easy to claw your way out of a rut). Sometimes the words of a loved one, a stranger, or even words that were never directly meant for me have given me the strength and courage to keep moving in the hardest or darkest of times.

As beings, we all have something to give. We all have the power to inspire, encourage and motivate. You don’t have to be a writer to do this; you could speak powerful words, create artwork, or simply inspire through your own actions.  When we do this, it is really not only for ourselves, but it is for those who we may not know need it.

Think about it, when we think about inspirational people, those who have inspired us are usually ordinary people who have done the extraordinary. Think of maybe a parent, friend or sibling who has inspired you in some way. Or even Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr.,Chief Dan George, and Maya Angelou were all ordinary people who made the decision to make change in the world, despite odds or opposition, they weren’t willing to give up.

“Ordinary” is what makes inspiration so absolutely beautiful and powerful. It means that we each have the power to do something extraordinary, whether that means inspiring the world or just one person. Even as I write this, right now, I hope that this encourages someone to use their gift to motivate or inspire someone else. Because really… why not?

Tops Tips on Hiring a Limo

Limousines make high-class and elegant settings of transportation for functions and occasions. These are costly cars, you could once in a while appreciate it all whenever you hire one for your function or event. They are cherished for wedding ceremonies, but they may suit every other setting, such as proms as well as surprises with regard to special times like wedding anniversaries and 1st birthdays. Whatever your own event or even occasion, you could find affordable leasing rates for any limo which you have chosen. The employing process ought to be easy once you know what to perform.

Determine your financial budget

Are you looking to employ the limo for a whole evening, to get a day or perhaps for a particular trip? Limo companies provide packages game the different needs of the customers and therefore you can choose the hourly cost packages as well as whole day price packages based on what your requirements are. Arranged the amount you might be willing to invest in the local rental aside after which start getting in touch with the companies so that you can easily know what company and package functions for you.

Browse around

First, figure out your needs such as the limo kind, desired colour, number of people it may accommodate and so on Before finding a limo, contact form a list of accommodations companies and give us a call at them on with checking the kinds available, colours of the limousines, the classic value, connected services and also features along with cost.

Obtain the details

Limo rental businesses are likely to demand different prices depending upon the entire year, make or maybe associated functions offered. A few rentals actually offer bubbly or pub services while some let you possess your own drink. But remember that in certain locations, consumption of alcohol is prohibited. Though price is always an option, higher costs do not always guarantee the very best limo or maybe the best support. In fact, the limousine hire offering a good unusually low cost is likely to possess the oldest vehicles. It would therefore be a sensible idea in order to personally go to the rental organisation before working with a limo. It is possible to look at the carrier’s lineup and find out their procedure. Look at the limo you intend to employ so that you avoid face unforeseen surprises.

Select the style in addition to size

You will find standard limos but you can additionally find bigger cars that are included with extra facilities including online connections and TV screens. The majority of can support anywhere from five passengers to a total associated with 14 travellers. Let your occasion dictate the dimensions of the limo and the design that is greatest. There are so many kinds, which includes American extend limos plus hummer limos so feel the options and create your choice.

Traveller capacity

Usually, the correct automobile makes “all the difference”. Ensure that the actual limo you happen to be hiring offers space, capabilities and the searches for your situation. Book any limo getting room no less than a couple of individuals more than your current party. But every limo model features a fixed seats capacity, so that as a traveller, try to regard the traveling limit. This really is crucial regarding passenger security and car maintenance.

Examine the limo in person

If you are able to actually see the limo, please perform before selecting. This kind of examination helps you make sure that everything will be you like this from the colouring of the limo, the size, the characteristics and even cosiness. Most limos are filled with drinks but it is essential to check which means you do not get overcharged for the similar. If you do not such as what you notice in the chillers, ask whether or not you can provide your preferred beverages. An actual physical inspection furthermore gives you the opportunity to do the appear and odour test. Limos are employed for all kinds of events including golf club hopping and you also really do not wish to end up spending money on the continues to be of someone else’s party period.

Check out basic safety records and even insurance

Many limos tend to be chauffeured therefore at least learn about the proficiency of the conductible that will be traveling you. Additionally, it helps to confirm the insurance protection so you usually do not end up with expenses to pay just in case the unpredicted happens in your rental time period. Ensure that you are usually comfortable with the particular terms regarding hire first.

Check recommendations and testimonials

Check out internet review websites. The easiest method to learn about some sort of limo services is to listen to former clients. They can provide you with a non-biased understanding to the assistance you can expect to observe from the business.

Business encounter is important. There are numerous nuances within coordinating an effective ride. The simplest way to make sure that everything runs easily is to seek the services of a limo service along with in-depth knowledge in transport. If you find a more recent company which seems to suit your needs, check into the expertise of the staff.

Close off the deal

Putting your signature on a contract provides you with assurance that will everything talked about will be implemented to the second option including get time and drop-off time. However, you should really check the cancelling and reimbursement policies contracts the agreement. If you are pleased with what you view, then you can go on and pay typically the deposit. Prevent limo businesses that request full transaction or high deposit rates.

Tip often the chauffeur

It is really essential manners while getting limo. Once the limousine conductor is doing everything to make your own personal limo expertise memorable, remember to praise him. The limousine car owner usually should get gratuity involving 15%. Have a tip ready in an envelope to give to your limo driver.

Any ride within a limo is definitely an exciting experience that can provide glamour to an occasion. Through researching the organisation, comparing estimates, and looking at the actual vehicle you intend to work with you’ll make sure that you have just as much fun within the journey, just as you do at your location.


Hello World, let me introduce myself. My name is Linda, and I’m so excited to be able to share my new blog with you. Isn’t this an amazing age we live in where it takes a couple of clicks for us to be in contact all over the world? Deciding to create this blog has been a really wonderful process, as a professional writer in San Diego obviously I love to write, but it’s also nice to have more control over my subject matter. That’s what this is all about!

This blog is about an array of things, including my personal journey, my work as a writer, my beautiful and exciting city, maybe some travel, and aspects of wellness and mindfulness. I mean, this blog is pretty much about me, but don’t worry, I mean this in a seriously good way. I hope that my blog inspires you – to be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and see the places you want to see (I can tell you about all the good places in San Diego).

As a professional writer I have had people ask me, “Why would you write on your own time as a hobby?” the answer is simple… because I want to. I have the philosophy that you only live once, so you had better not have any regrets. I know that if I never created this blog I would regret it, and the fact that I am able to welcome you to my blog right now is so absolutely exciting for me.

As a writer who also loves to read I find these mediums both provide a sort of catharsis, I mean, life can have its ups and downs and by sharing stories and experiences we are able to understand situations better, and even find a new way to deal with different situations. This is the power of language.

So, all that’s left is for me to officially welcome you to my blog, and to tell you just how absolutely thrilled I am that you have decided to join me on my journey.

Introduction to my Beautiful City – San Diego

I love my city, it has just about everything anyone could ever want in a city. Architecture, culture, nature, vibrancy… you name it and we have it. San Diego is also known as “the Birthplace of California,” it is a multifaceted city of many appearances. San Diego is an important naval base, a very significant natural harbour, a topmost tourist attraction and resort region. San Diego is also a well-known technology, aerospace, and aviation production community. San Diego’s proximity to Mexico gives us an international and multicultural flavour, which can be seen in the different neighbourhoods around our beautiful city. Our downtown area has been revitalised adding to the energetic and exciting character of the city. San Diego has mild climate that entices many new residents and industries to come be part of our city each year, a local joke that we have is; no matter the season it is always 70 degrees (winter, what winter?).

Created in 1769, San Diego remained a small town until the 1940’s when the population began to grow, we now have more than 1.2 million residents and are California’s second largest city. As our city keeps this growing we have had increased focus on the vigilant protection of San Diego’s history in addition to focusing on art, culture, nature, and recreation.

If you are a beer connoisseur you really need to pack your bags and come to my city, seriously. We are one of the top cities in the country for having excellent beer. Nearly every bar carries a decent selection of craft and local brews including Coronado,Stone, and Karl Straus. Somehow, my city knows its IPA better than anyone, and our beer culture is demonstrated in our world famous beer festivals! In September San Diego hosts The Festival of Beer, and money raised at this festival gets donated to cancer-fighting causes.In June we have the International Beer Festival… if you want to know more about it you’ll just have to come one year.

Not to brag, (have I already been bragging?) but we have the most amazing beaches known to mankind.  On a beautiful sunny day, what do you do in San Diego… go to the beach. We seriously have beaches for everyone, each beach is totally different in appearance and culture, and so you can find your own beach… or go to them all! And for the students who are attending our three large universities and many more community colleges, why not have a study session on the beach? San Diego also has incredible nature reserves such as Torrey Pines. Like I said, this place has everything anyone could ever want.

And another part of the area is Encinitas, which I also like and have great friends there who have a local company that helps people clear out their junk.

There is so much more that I love about my city, but I really shouldn’t be giving away all the goods. In my opinion San Diego is one place that should be on your list of places to travel! It’s genuinely worth it.

How to Love Yourself

Loving yourself is an idea that for some can feel like a foreign concept; especially in a society that praises modesty and our need to focus on others… it sometimes seems like loving yourself is a selfish act. It really isn’t though. I mean, how can you fully love and care for others if you don’t love yourself?

Loving yourself entails a combination of things including kindness and respect for ourselves, self-acceptance, and self-awareness. Loving yourself means that you know that you are worthy of self-respect and gentleness, compassion and nurturance. If you need some guidance in learning to love yourself, know that it takes practice, but you can do it.

Don’t be a perfectionist– that means you need to learn to accept yourself and your work even if it is less than perfect. If you are always pursuing perfectionism within yourself and your activities this can and will create disappointment and negative feelings… because nobody is perfect nor can anybody create perfection 100% of the time (perfection is perception)! If you find yourself being hard on yourself and trying to be perfect, you need to change current way about thinking about perfection and instead focus on the effort behind a task. By focusing on the amount of effort you have used you can better appreciate your own work.

Discard negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself– it can be difficult letting go of negative thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions that they have about themselves. These negative thoughts are toxic and often come from other people who have given you that opinion. It is a difficult thing to do, but you need to let go of any negative though or believe that you have about yourself.

Change your names and words! Don’t be confused… I’m not saying to change your name. What I mean by this is, if you have a tendency to call yourself names or belittle yourself – change it. If you belittle yourself by calling yourself bad names reduces yourself from a human to a negative non-person.  Calling yourself an “idiot”, “stupid”, a “failure” are untrue and unfair names. Think about why out are feeling that way and turn it into a positive. E.g.  Say you are taking an exam and you miss a few questions or get them wrong, don’t tell yourself “I’m so stupid” or “I am such an idiot”, instead think what could I do differently when studying, what do I need to improve on, and how can I change my strategy.

Also try calling yourself positive names. Tell yourself “Hello Beautiful” in the mirror, congratulate yourself when you do something to be proud of.

Change that worst will happen mentality. It is too easy (especially for people who are a little more prone to anxiety), to fall into the assumption that the worst outcome will always happen with every situation… but if you think about most outcomes, they are rarely as bad as you expect.Changing your inner thoughts to be less negative and anxious can be difficult, but it can also help you to circumvent the generalisation or exaggeration that makes you feel precarious.

Pick something you love. Every day choose something about yourself that you love and write it down in a journal. At the end of each day read your ever growing list of things that you love about yourself as a reminder. Eventually this will become second nature, and you will remember the things that you love about yourself.

And please treat yourself to something indulgent, something fun, go for a ride, a walk a swim, do something fun. I also like Atlanta, go there and enjoy it, I have great friends there.

Tops Tips on Being Cool

Exactly what do you do to be the awesome dude who else everyone wants to become around? Here is a great list of qualities:

Not looking for approval through others.

Becoming cool indicates you do not seek affirmation and you don’t require other people in order to agree with an individual on things. It means offer yourself agreement to be who also you’re getting and do exactly what you’re doing – whether or not you have anyone’s approval not really.

Do not be needy.

Arranged your life upward so you rarely ever requirement for anything. Absolutely nothing physical or even emotional. Take care of yourself so you never need others or women to take care of you or baby you.

Not caring what females or others think about you.

Caring as to what people believe, especially ladies, makes you completely uncool as well as unattractive. Be yourself and never change for anyone, no matter who it is. Never seek approval from a woman, if they don’t accept you for who you are they are not right for you!

Getting really humorous.

If you’re certainly not funny, discover some amusing guys along with hang around all of them. You’ll become acting just like a jackass in addition to making individuals laugh and revel in your company very quickly. Watch a lot of stand-up humour.

Have very good hygiene.

Clean your smelly ass, armpits, etc. Put on cologne, brush, trim your own nails, maintain your hair good, etc. Seem like you give any damn regarding yourself. Be presentable.

Having self-confidence but not being arrogant

You already know there is a fine collection here. World of one comes in once you don’t keep the mouth close. Talk much less, listen much more, and have yourself with full confidence.

Be genuine and truthful.

If you’re a man who’s filled with crap, work on it. Females are very good at detecting bullshit and they will observe right through one.

Certainly not thinking prepared to better or possibly smarter compared to others.

Regularly be open to others’ ideas. Likely be operational to the chance that people a person meet may know more you or end up being smarter you. Realise that your path usually is not the only way. Become flexible. Really smart some men intelligent sufficient to know to not tell some others how intelligent they are. Rather, they show their mental faculties through activities instead of terms.

Getting your life together – work, finances, interests, relationships.

Getting yourself collectively mentally, actually, and psychologically is pretty darn cool. Understand everything you may about being a well-rounded guy and enhance in every area possible.

Not really trying too much to look as well as be great.

Not using reckless behaviour to look like a cool dude. This looks type of lame whenever you really think about this. You’re possibly cool or simply you’re not really. If you have to attempt, then you are not performing it right and you also probably possess work to perform on yourself.

Being casual, cool, constructed, and calm no matter what.

The good guys I understand keep their own composure and they are relaxed within the craziest circumstances. It’s amazing.

Being a good listener, conversationalist, and making people feel important.

Learn to get over oneself, get over your personal shit, stop thinking of just what you’re likely to say following, and just maintain the moment. Be there. Listen. Truly seek to be aware of other person together with where they are coming from. Overlook yourself for a couple minutes, and also hours. The actual return on investment is actually incredible simply because that person right now really loves you as well as wants to become your friend and become in your life.

Being nice friendly to people you know and also don’t understand.

Treat everybody as the same. Even all those beneath you. Treating other people as overhead, especially girls, makes you resemble a pussy. Dealing with others because beneath everyone makes you resemble a prick who have people detest being about.

Going after goals.

Get your rear end of the sofa and off the bed. Put the really video games straight down. Write down what you need to do with your life, who you would like to be, and start creating it! You can literally become anything you want in this life. It’s really all up to you, so set some goals and never stop until you reach them. Achieving the goals will give you great motivation and belief. Being a guy who sticks to his word is a great step to becoming the best you!

Staying yourself.

Seldom try to be such as others. Believe for yourself. Simply because your buddies obtained a piercing doesn’t mean you need to do it also to look trendy. Be you, not just who others would like you to always be.

Always becoming the best you can be.

You can’t become the best should you be not wanting to improve on your own every single day. The very best are up before everybody else. The best function harder together with longer as compared to everyone else. And thus, the best live a life that nobody else will be able to live. Do it for yourself and become the best possible version of you. Not for anyone else or to prove something to someone, do it solely for you. Your greatest competition is yourself

Follow These Tips to Become an Awesome Guy

These types of steps as well as rules have got helped me turn into a cool dude and have allowed me to in my individual life and also dating lifestyle.

I reside by these types of steps along with rules and when you do way too, you’ll begin getting more from the things you desire, women you would like, and your lifetime will change and proceed the path you want the idea to.

Focusing on every one of these will make sure you have a lot more friends, ladies, and an incredible social life.