Don’t Replace Original Windows in Historic Buildings

Windows are a much maligned aspect of historical buildings: their seeming fragility and ineffectiveness, coupled with the double glazing boom over the last few years has actually resulted in original windows in traditional buildings often being viewed as something of a liability rather than the asset that they are.

As concerns about resource efficiency, retention of constructed heritage and sustainability end up being more pressing issues, keeping initial windows is becoming a much more attractive choice. But for those of your still thinking about new windows for your historic residential or commercial properties, here are five reasons why you must never ever change the original windows in your historic property.

1. Replacement Windows Aren’t Sustainable

You need to never ever change the initial windows in your historic property is that it is simply not sustainable. Treated correctly, original wood windows will withstand the test of time, lasting for as long as the residential or commercial property lasts. Replacement windows last anything in between 10 to 40 years, with the WWF finding that the typical UPVC window unit is replaced after just 18 years. Replacing initial windows with new, but poor quality windows, merely commences a cycle or waste and replace. As Scott Sidler from The Craftsman Blog states, “The greenest window is the one that is currently set up.”

2. Replacement Windows Destroy Built Heritage

Windows belong to what makes structures distinct, appealing and in-keeping with a particular time, period or design style. Even where a building is not noted, keeping the original windows is an easy method to maintain sought-after duration functions and ensure that your residential or commercial property remains true to the look and style of its age. As specified in the Craftsmen Blog “A big part of a historic home’s character is kept in its windows. Original historical windows were customised built to fit their frames and enhance the style of the house in a manner that no replacement can.”

3. You Might Not Get Planning Permission

Leading on from the value of maintaining built heritage, another reason to never get replacement windows in your historic home is that you might not even be permitted to! Planning consent differs across the nation; nevertheless, replacement windows for listed structures are typically not permitted unless they are on a like for like basis, and this implies expensive and undependable slim line double glazing. Even if you do select to go down the preparation authorisation path for replacement windows, you could wait on months or perhaps years to receive the appropriate consent that you need. It really is less trouble to restore your initial windows where required and invest in discrete and efficient secondary glazing.

4. New Windows are Difficult (Sometimes Impossible) to Maintain and Repair

Original windows are made to be repaired and brought back, so if your windows are draughty, rattle in the window or are painted shut that doesn’t indicate that you need to change them. Window repair specialists can perform a host of upkeep works to get your original windows running as good as brand-new. According to Time Money a total window overhaul usually runs ₤ 100 to ₤ 350 per window, and by the time you’re completed, the old windows may end up nearly as efficient as brand new ones.

You can even take a look at our other article on window repair and repair work to get you started, such as this one on How To Restore Your Original Windows.

5. You’ll Have Less Light

On average you get 15% less seeing location and for that reason less light due to replacement windows being set inside the original window opening. And nobody desires a home with less light!

6. You’ll Be Paying Them Off For Years

Replacement windows may seem like the kind of investment that will pay for itself, but is that really the case? The payback period for replacement windows can be anything from 40-60 years, according to Landmark Services or even up to 100 years according to Time Money! Include this into the truth that the best guarantee that the WWF could find for replacement windows was just 40 years, then you start to see how replacement windows are not quite the sound investment that their often touted as.

7. You’ll Reduce the Value of Your Property

Contributed to this the decrease in property worth you could be looking at if you change the windows. Buyers of historical homes will pay top dollar for houses that are chock loaded with original functions, and windows have a big part to play in this, with the most essential features that buyers search for being original floorings and windows.

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