What you Need to Know About Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing can still be something of an unknown quantity, after all, so many traditional systems are bulky, hazardous and ineffective: it truly gives secondary glazing a bad name! However it really is the best choices for lots of properties, especially if you live in a noted building or in a sanctuary. So that’s why we decided to assemble this blog site answering all of your secondary glazing questions.

Do I need planning consent?

Secondary Glazing is entirely demountable and detachable, and is totally invisible from the outside and essentially invisible from the inside. This is generally sufficient to satisfy regional preservation or preparation departments; however we would always suggest checking with your regional department.

Okay, so how will it look on my windows?

It is essentially invisible: both through the glaze and within the frame. We colour match our systems to fit your window frames exactly, to make them even more discrete. If you are worried we are constantly delighted to present clients to our existing pleased customers so they can view a nearby installation. We are called the unnoticeable system: our consumers are extremely pleased with the discrete appearance, with over 70% of our customers reporting that their windows look much better than in the past, providing the windows are shine like they have never ever seen before.

Great, so how much warmer will it make my property?

Secondary Glazing minimises heat loss through single glazed windows by 63%. In unheated spaces this equates as a boost in temperature level of five degrees centigrade.

Wow, and will it save me money on my energy expenses?

Yup, it lowers energy bills by a minimum of 22.5% where the previous temperature is maintained.

And does it decrease noise pollution?

It does. It reduces sound by a minimum of 48%, with numerous customers reporting a decrease of 70-80%.

Will it decrease condensation on my windows?

Yes, in two methods. First of all, is a warm product that raises the temperature level of the glazed area, suggesting that it is no longer a cold spot to draw in condensation. Secondly, it holds half its weight in water, enabling it to soak up existing condensation and moisture in the surrounding location. This implies that it effectively gets rid of condensation, although homes with especially bad condensation problems may take several weeks to see an enhancement.

I’m worried about UV rays fading my furniture. Can you do anything about that?

Absolutely. Secondary Glazing completely blocks ultraviolet rays through the glaze, eliminating fading of artwork, furnishings, wallpaper, curtains and photos. It likewise makes us the ideal option for nursery windows, office windows and for usage in shop fronts, museums, art galleries and anywhere else that needs UV security.

I have working shutters, will I still have the ability to use them?

Yes you will. Our system is fully compatible with working shutters allowing you to take advantage of the thermal abilities of both. When our system is used with working shutters it will give a u-value of simply 1.1: much better performance than brand new replacement window units.

My windows are an odd shape/ curved at the top can you set up on these?

Yes, our highly knowledgeable team of installers love a difficulty and will produce design templates to enable the system to be cut into any shape. They can likewise form bespoke framing on website to specifically follow any curves.

What is the biggest window you can install one system on?

The largest window that we can cover with one system would be 6100 x 2050mm.

Where can I keep the system, should I wish to remove it throughout warmer days?

To start with our system stops 27% of the sun’s heat from coming into your house so if you do get rid of the system it is most likely that you will be warmer.

Nevertheless, must you want to remove it, as standard we supply you with a cling movie wrap that can be wrapped around the system to ensure it is secured, we can also provide bespoke storage bags and parking docks, depending on what finest fits your needs.

Okay, this all sound great. When can you set up in my property?

Preparation is currently 6 weeks for installation and a minimum of 12 weeks in the winter season, so do not delay if you want to feel the advantages as soon as possible!

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