10 Hot Hacks to Save Energy this Sumer

We may have turned the heating off for the year (or are we just being optimistic?) however that’s no reason not to continue minimising your energy intake and putting down some groundwork for lower bills throughout the year. And with the money you’ll save on your energy bills, maybe you can buy a few extra ice creams this summer season, and who does not enjoy that?

So without further ado we bring you our 10 hot hacks to save energy this summer.

1. Use your windows to release heat and gain cooler air inside your home.

Opening your windows in the evening and closing them first thing in the early morning allows you to trap cooler air inside your home, indicating counting on fans and air conditioning systems less.

2. Have a bbq!

Using alternative methods of cooking, such as outside barbecues, microwaves and stove permit you to minimise the heat of cooking to a minimum, keeping your home cooler and avoiding the requirement for air conditioning or fans.

3. Use a ceiling fan instead of cooling.

Ceiling fans use less energy than AC system, and work to develop a wind chill result perfect for cooing down people rather than whole spaces. Use a mix of ceiling and oscillation fans, and make sure you turn your fan off when leaving a space, since it will not provide any general room cooling advantage.

4. Take cooler and shorter showers.

Not only are cool showers revitalising on hot summer season days, but the lower temperatures save energy and the shorter amount of time spent under the jets conserves water.

5. Invest more time outdoors!

Taking pleasure in time in the garden, the park or if you’re really fortunate, the beach all decrease the quantity of time you spend inside using energy. What better excuse that for a lazy afternoon in the sun!

6. Attempt not to overfill your fridge and freezer.

It’s appealing to pack your refrigerator and freezer with cold drinks and ice lollies for those hot summer season days; nevertheless if your home appliances don’t have room to permit cold air to flow, they need to work more difficult to keep your food cold. Ensure your fridge has a lot of empty space and keep your freezer about three quarters full for maximum cost savings.

7. Switch off your tumble dryer.

Make the most of the blue skies and dry weather by discarding the clothes dryer and air drying your laundry rather. Not only can it save you loads on your energy costs, however it will make you laundry smell like fresh air without fabric softeners or other fragranced items. Double savings!

8. Think about getting secondary glazing.

Not just for winter, bespoke magnetic secondary glazing has amazing UV homes, totally eradicating fading from the sun while having heat rejection homes of 26%, meaning you can enjoy your home without it seeming like a greenhouse!

9. Close your curtains!

Yes it might seem counter instinctive to close your curtains on a beautiful sunny day, however if you wish to reduce the heat inside your house, closing curtains, shutters or blinds will block the sun’s rays leading to a cooler home.

10. Think about going solar.

Summer season is the best time to get the most out of photovoltaic panels. Longer days and more powerful sunlight suggests more energy created and more time to really use the energy produced.

There you have it, ten hot hacks that will keep you cool as the temperature rises, all while conserving you energy and cash! Now go out there and delight in the sunshine!

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