17 Quick Ways to Conserve Energy

Energy conserving isn’t just a winter past time, it’s something to carry out throughout the year. So with that in mind we have 18 quick ways to save energy; some unusual, some unusual, and some a gentle tip of things you know you should currently be doing. So without more ado let’s jump into 18 fast methods to save energy.

In the Bathroom

1. Get A-head while Showering: Power showers can be as energy ineffective as taking a bath. Now picture that every day for every single member of your household! Conserve water by investing in an energy efficient shower head to reduce the quantity of water used in your shower by half.

2. Rapid Showers: As well as using an energy efficient shower head, spending one minute less in the shower each day will conserve up to ₤ 7 off your energy costs each year, per person. With a water meter this might conserve a more ₤ 12 off yearly water and sewerage costs. If everyone in a four individual household did this it would result in a total conserving of ₤ 80 a year.

3. (Don’t) Keep on Running: Don’t leave the tap running while you’re cleaning your teeth, shaving or cleaning. A running tap wastes more than six litres of water a minute.

4. Do not Be a Drip: Get dripping taps repaired. A leaking tap can lose more than 5,500 litres of water a year.

In the Kitchen

5. Slow cooking: Use your microwave or sluggish cooker instead of using a standard oven. Both are vastly more efficient than a traditional oven, with a microwave using about half as much energy as a regular oven, and a slow cooker can be up to 75% more effective.

6. State “hallo” to a new oven: Halogen ovens use 75% less electrical power than conventional electrical ovens. They likewise have up to a 50% faster cooking time than regular ovens so huge cost savings are hot hot.

7. Put a Lid on It: Put lids on pots and pans to decrease cooking times.

8. Bowled Over: Use a bowl to wash up rather than a running tap and conserve ₤ 25 a year in energy expenses.

9. Tea for Two: Only fill the kettle with the quantity of water that you need to save water and energy.

10. Lighten the Load: Cutback your washing machine usage by just one cycle each week to conserve money on your energy costs.


11. Show, Reflect, Reflect: Install radiator reflectors behind the radiators in your home, particularly on external wall radiators, to help the radiator heat the space better.

12. Remove the Heat: Make even greater cost savings by denying the radiators in hardly ever used spaces, and programming your heating controls to switch off the heating when you’re not at home.

13. Wait and Bleed: Bleed your radiators routinely to ensure they are working at optimal performance.


14. It’s Curtains for Energy Inefficiency: Make the most of the heat of the sun by keeping your drapes and blinds open throughout the day, however make certain the close them an hour before sunset to keep he heat caught in the room.

15. State it with Secondary: Magnetic secondary glazing in your house could conserve you 22.5% on your energy bills while retaining your initial windows.


16. Love LED: Energy-saving light bulbs can assist you cut your energy expenses with LED light bulb costing around ₤ 1.71 to run annually. They might minimise your energy expenses by a remarkable ₤ 180 annually.

17. Lights Out: Switch off lights when not in use (standard but are you in fact doing it?) and ensure you are using the right size and power bulb for the area.

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