Introduction to my Beautiful City – San Diego

I love my city, it has just about everything anyone could ever want in a city. Architecture, culture, nature, vibrancy… you name it and we have it. San Diego is also known as “the Birthplace of California,” it is a multifaceted city of many appearances. San Diego is an important naval base, a very significant natural harbour, a topmost tourist attraction and resort region. San Diego is also a well-known technology, aerospace, and aviation production community. San Diego’s proximity to Mexico gives us an international and multicultural flavour, which can be seen in the different neighbourhoods around our beautiful city. Our downtown area has been revitalised adding to the energetic and exciting character of the city. San Diego has mild climate that entices many new residents and industries to come be part of our city each year, a local joke that we have is; no matter the season it is always 70 degrees (winter, what winter?).

Created in 1769, San Diego remained a small town until the 1940’s when the population began to grow, we now have more than 1.2 million residents and are California’s second largest city. As our city keeps this growing we have had increased focus on the vigilant protection of San Diego’s history in addition to focusing on art, culture, nature, and recreation.

If you are a beer connoisseur you really need to pack your bags and come to my city, seriously. We are one of the top cities in the country for having excellent beer. Nearly every bar carries a decent selection of craft and local brews including Coronado,Stone, and Karl Straus. Somehow, my city knows its IPA better than anyone, and our beer culture is demonstrated in our world famous beer festivals! In September San Diego hosts The Festival of Beer, and money raised at this festival gets donated to cancer-fighting causes.In June we have the International Beer Festival… if you want to know more about it you’ll just have to come one year.

Not to brag, (have I already been bragging?) but we have the most amazing beaches known to mankind.  On a beautiful sunny day, what do you do in San Diego… go to the beach. We seriously have beaches for everyone, each beach is totally different in appearance and culture, and so you can find your own beach… or go to them all! And for the students who are attending our three large universities and many more community colleges, why not have a study session on the beach? San Diego also has incredible nature reserves such as Torrey Pines. Like I said, this place has everything anyone could ever want.

And another part of the area is Encinitas, which I also like and have great friends there who have a local company that helps people clear out their junk.

There is so much more that I love about my city, but I really shouldn’t be giving away all the goods. In my opinion San Diego is one place that should be on your list of places to travel! It’s genuinely worth it.